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East west Language Institute is a pioneer having expertise in teaching Hindi along with Indian culture.

Our Language Teaching Methodologies

Our teaching methodologies are based on techniques of ‘desire’ and ‘research experiential’. By use of Visual, Audio, and Kinesthetic (VAK) tools, we focus on getting the best outcome from our learners as we focus on all the components of language listening, speaking, reading and writing.  
We offer group courses and individual lessons, and our instructors will be fully aware of leaners desired learning objectives, level of knowledge in the language, and his/her profile at the beginning of the course itself. Instructors will thus craft the lessons in a personalised manner that will help him/her to meet his/her individual goals.

Our Programs



As per article 343(1) of the Indian constitution specifically mentions that, "The official language of the Union shall be Hindi in Devanagari script which is widely spoken by millions of people across the world. Being able to understand Hindi and converse in it has numerous benefits. It is a phonetic language, making it fairly easy to grasp, gives you an insight into a large part of the Indian culture, and enables you to communicate with different kinds of people coming from a rich culture.

States & union territories of India by the commonly spoken first language


East West Language Institute has specially designed Hindi Language courses for various learning levels:

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There are more than 400 million people in the world who speak Spanish. It is considered to be the third most-spoke language in the world, after Chinese Mandarin and English. Spanish has the status of an ‘official language’ in 20 countries. The number of Spanish speakers in United States currently makes the second largest Spanish speaking country in the world. Within Europe, Spain is rapidly emerging as a global destination to study for Indian students.

How helpful is it to learn Spanish?

Learning to understand, speak, read, and write in Spanish, you will be able to communicate with Spanish speakers across the world.
It also adds great value to your resume and opens up a variety of job opportunities. The language opens doors to various career paths like tourism, foreign services, translation, interpretation, teaching, and journalism.
It can help you stand out among other candidates you are competing with and can also improve your chances on getting promoted to better positions. Being skilled in more than one language is always beneficial to the job market and this is your chance at learning one of the world’s most widely spoken languages.

Why take Spanish Lessons with EWLI:

Our courses make Spanish simple and easy to learn. It will not only enrich your cognitive skills but also allow you to explore the popular culture of Spanish speaking countries. You can enjoy various books, music, and movies in the original language and won’t even need subtitles and translations!

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English as Second Language

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ESL also known as English as a second language, if you are not a native speaker of the English language, the ESL exams will be used to determine your level of proficiency in the language. ESL is designed for non-native English speakers. ESL evaluates learners in 4 fields - listening, speaking, reading and writing.

What are ESL Exams?

ESL exams are used for various purposes - academic English, business English, and general English language exams. Academic English comprises of examinations like IELTS and TOEFL that are used by universities and other professional bodies to determine minimum proficiency. Business English comprises of exams like the TOEIC and the BULATS that determine fluence in English language for workplaces and general English comprises of exams like the CPE, FCE, and KET are used to demonstrate English mastery.
Many students take up ESL exams to prove their proficiency in the English Language. Learners who take up coaching for ESL exams can communicate with native-speaking friends or family. It bridges the gap between non-native and native speakers, and provides for a standardised mode of testing. Coaching can prove to be useful for those looking to score high in such examinations.

Why Learn English?

Language plays an important role in each one’s life. English is the world's most widely spoken language. It acts as a tool for communication across the globe. The English language is used in all spheres of life like science, technology, medicine, sports, media and international affairs.

English language can open many doors in your personal and professional life, in the following ways:

● Work and reside in an English-speaking country.
● Gain access to the world’s best universities for education.
● Take part in international conferences, events and seminars.

What EWLI Offers for ESL Preparation: 
Our ESL course covers all 4 aspects of learning a language – listening, speaking, reading and writing. We have a team of qualified and experienced instructors who are committed to making lessons engaging and interactive for learners. All our lessons are planned keeping every individual student’s needs and aspirations in mind. Our ESL course also supports learners prepare for the IELTS examination. Our costs are affordable and customized as per learner’s requirements.

Please contact us to learn more information about our ESL Program.

Why study IELTS and ESL with EWLI:

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