Since 1997

East West Language Institute is a pioneer having expertise in teaching Hindi along with Indian culture.

How we teach?

To start, we will assess your needs and objectives, as well as your level of Hindi. We will then give you advice about the most appropriate Hindi course.

All of our trainers are carefully selected for their qualifications, expertise, and experience. 

The courses at the Language Institute are created keeping in mind the following;

Goal Orientation

Focus on what you personally need in order to reach your goal.

Learning Environment

Provide a consistently engaging and challenging learning environment

Communication Strategy 

Give you the strategies to communicate with confidence in and outside of the classroom


My teacher was patient and kind and went above and beyond to tailor the lessons to my pace and what I wanted to learn more about!

C Lindely

“I appreciated that the school is trying to help students to succeed not only in learning the language but also to appreciate the local culture!"


“A great way to learn Hindi, the classes emerge you in the culture and language of India!”

New Zealand

Learning Hindi at EWLI is an indispensable part of my life in Delhi. The teachers are amazing and I found a truly ideal learning place!


“East West provided the perfect blend between grasping the grammar and being able to use it in conversation!"


“I appreciate the well rounded teaching style of learning to listen, understand and speak, reading and writing, and learning Indian culture!”