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East West Language Institute

East west Language Institute is a pioneer having expertise in teaching Hindi along with Indian culture.

About Us

East West Language Institute (EWLI) works under the aegis of East West Educational Foundation (EWEF) a value based educational institution, established with a purpose of nurturing lives towards fruitfulness. EWLI was started in 1997 and since then has grown as a premier language institute head-quartered in the city of New Delhi India offering Hindi language learning through specialized teaching methodologies at all proficiency levels using innovative and learner specific flexible approach.

EWLI over a period of 20+ years has been able to serve numerous not-for-profit organizations, embassies, research scholars, undergraduate study abroad programs from US universities namely Brown, Rutgers, Wisconsin etc.

Quality of learning is of utmost importance to East West Language Institute. Our trainers are selected carefully, based on their qualifications, expertise, and experience. We equip our trainers with the skill and expertise required to assess your needs and learning objectives to provide you a course best-suited to help you learn from our institute.

At EWLI, we provide you with an engaging and challenging learning environment, designed to help you reach personal and academic goals. Our programs our will also equip you with strategies that will give you the confidence to communicate in and outside the classroom.


What's Happening at EWLI

Spanish Course

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Indian Architecture

EWLI Offers Programs in:

C Lindely


“My teacher was patient and kind and went above and beyond to tailor the lessons to my pace and what I wanted to learn more about.”



“I appreciated that the school is trying to help students to succeed not only in learning the language but also to appreciate the local culture."


New Zealand

“A great way to learn Hindi, the classes emerge you in the culture and language of India!”



“My teacher was patient and kind and went above and beyond to tailor the lessons to my pace and what I wanted to learn more about.”



“East West provided the perfect blend between grasping the grammar and being able to use it in conversation.”



“I appreciate the well rounded teaching style of learning to listen, understand and speak, reading and writing, and learning Indian culture.”

Our Curriculum

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